Advantages of Forex trading


High liquidity

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, with transactions equivalent to $5 trillion a day. This liquidity, especially in the major currency pairs in the foreign exchange market, helps to maintain price stability and exchange rates. Such liquidity helps to maintain price stability, especially for major currency pairs in the foreign exchange market (but price stability is not guaranteed at any time).


Margin trading

Margin trading enables investors to hold assets with nominal value higher than the capital held in their accounts. However, this does involve more risk, and if the market changes its position on traders, it could cause significant losses.


Professional Research and Teaching tools

In order to support customers to formulate trading tactics, Hantec provides investors with a variety of resources for free, including detailed foreign exchange e-books, periodicals, daily /weekly marketing research reports, financial calendar, professional market analysis, online foreign exchange courses, webinars and etc.


High flexibility

Foreign exchange is a 24x5 market - You can trade anytime and anywhere in multiple trading platforms


1:100 Leverage

We offer a 1: 100 leverage *. The leverage can amplify the gain, but it will also magnify the loss. Therefore, margin trading must be conducted responsibly.

*Application may on request raise to 1: 400


Low transaction cost

As a volume-based brokerage, our daily trading volume enables us to reduce transaction costs associated with your transactions

Currency pairs

In Forex market, all currencies are traded in pairs which named by two abbreviation of currencies.

AUDUSD represents Aussie dollar against US dollar. The "Base" currency is the first currency in the pair. The "Quote" currency, or "counter" currency is the second currency in the pair.

“AUDUSD is currently trading at 1.0200” means 1 AUD ( Base currency) is equal to 1.0200 USD (Quote currency)

Pip/ Tick

The minimum rate fluctuation is called a point, a pip or a tick.

For currency pairs quoted with 4 decimal points, say AUDUSD, the minimum rate fluctuation is 0.0001

For currency pairs quoted with 2 decimal points, say USDJPY, the minimum rate fluctuation is 0.01

Please be aware that price offered by Hantec includes fractional pips. Accordingly, you may see there is an additional decimal place (d.p.) after the smallest floating pip, i.e. the 5th d.p. of AUDUSD and the 3rd d.p. of USDJPY

Bid Price & Ask Price

On your trading platform, you will find the quoted currency pairs are shown as follow:

  Bid Ask
AUDUSD 1.0200 1.0201

Bid Price: This price is used for you to SHORT/SELL the currency pair. In this case, you can short 1 AUD for 1.0200 USD.
Ask Price: This price is used for you to LONG/ BUY the currency pair. In this case, you can long 1 AUD for 1.0201 USD.

Popular Currency Pairs for Trading

Examples of Forex Trading
Foreign exchange trading means to buy one currency and sell another at the same time, and that's explain why we always see a pair of currency for quotation while doing such trades.
Trading unit: 1 lot = 100000 base currency Trading direction: long leverage: 100 times

Open a Position

Non-margin trading (1 lot):
100,000 x 1.1268 = US$112,680

Margin trading (1 lot):
112,680 ÷ 100 = US$1,126.8

Bid price:

Price: 1.1277USD

1 lot: 112,770USD

Profit and Loss
Profit: 112,770 - 112,680 = 90USD

Bid price:

Price: 1.1257USD

1 lot: 112,570USD

Profit and Loss
Loss: 112,680 - 112,570 = US$110

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