Hantec Markets (V) Company Limited

Address: 1276, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu, Republic of Vanuatu

Website: www.hantecvanuatu.com

Phone: +852-2214 4183

Hantec Markets (V) Company Limited is a company registered in Vanuatu. It holds Vanuatu Financial Services Licence Number: 40318

Preparation date: 23 Dec 2020

Version: 1.1

1. What is a Financial Services Guide?

This Financial Services Guide (“FSG”) is an important document to help you understand and decide if you wish to use the financial services we are able to offer you.

It provides you with information about Hantec Markets (V) Company Limited (“HML, us, our, we”) and the services we provide. Its purpose is to educate you, before we provide a financial service, on matters including:

• who we are and how we can be contacted;

• what services and products we are authorised to provide to you;

• how we (and any other relevant parties) are paid; and

• who to contact if you have a complaint.

Before we issue any particular financial products to you, we will provide you with a Product Information Statement (“PIS”). The PIS contains information about the product to assist you in making an informed decision about that product. It will outline relevant terms, significant risks (where such exist), and fees and charges associated with the product.

This FSG is not a regulated document and is not provided under any laws or regulations that apply to us.

HML occasionally provides general advice regarding the financial markets or our services. If we provide you with general advice, it may not be appropriate to your needs, financial situation or objectives, and you should consider your circumstances before choosing to proceed with using our products. Additionally, you should obtain and read our Product Information Statement before making a decision.

2. Who will be providing the Financial Services to you?

The Licensee
HML is the holder of an Vanuatu Financial Services Licence and is responsible for the general financial product advice that its representatives provide and the dealing which its representatives do on HML’s behalf. HML authorises, and is also responsible for the content and distribution of this FSG.

You can instruct us to provide you with our services by:

a) contacting us via our online trading platform; or
b) contacting us via telephone.

Our contact details are at the start of this FSG.

3. On whose behalf are we acting when we provide our services to you?

As we are the product issuer, we are acting on our own behalf when we provide the services and not on your behalf. Our Authorised Representatives also act on our behalf when providing the services to you.

4. What services and products are we authorised to provide to you?

HML is authorised to give you general advice to both retail and wholesale clients in relation to non-cash payment products, derivatives and foreign exchange contracts. HML is also authorised to deal in relation to those same products.

This means that we can advise you (without taking into account your personal circumstances), and help you use our trading platforms. We can help you fill out the forms and undertake and complete trades and other related transactions.

HML is also authorised to “make a market” for foreign exchange and derivatives contracts. This allows us to quote market prices to you, including buy and sell prices.

n providing our service, other financial issues may arise, such as how to invest money, or taxation issues. However, we are not authorised to provide advice relating to those financial issues, or any other issues except those explained above. You should seek specific advice from the appropriate professionals if these issues are relevant to you.

5. What fees and commissions are payable to HML?

By using or continuing to use our services, you agree that:

a) All fees and charges received by us as described in this FSG (other than third party fees and charges) are a benefit given to us by you, in exchange for the market making and dealing services provided by us.
b) We do not charge volume-based or asset-based fees for any advice we provide.
c) You understand, consent to, authorise and direct us to charge you in this way.

There are a number of costs, fees and commissions that you may be required to pay us, in order to use our services:

Spread Cost

Foreign exchange, commodities, and index transactions incur costs relating to the spread between the bid price and ask price. The “bid price” represents the price at which we are willing to notionally buy currency or commodities from clients and the “ask price” is the price at which we are willing to notionally sell to clients. This price difference is called the “spread”. The price difference of this spread will depend on factors such as the size and value of the transaction and prevailing market rates. This spread is paid by you, but is incorporated into the quoted rates and is not an additional charge or fee payable by you above those quoted rates.

Example of a spread:
The exchange rate between the Japanese Yen (JPY) and the United States Dollar (USD) might be JPY 79.20 to USD 1. A person looking to convert JPY into USD might have to pay JPY 79.20 for each USD, while a person looking to convert USD to JPY might receive only 79.10 JPY for each USD they convert. It is usually written as USD/YEN 79.10/79.20, or abbreviated to 79.10/20. The bid price is JPY 79.10 and the ask price is JPY 79.20 for USD 1. In this example, the bid-ask spread for the currency pair is 79.20 - 79.10 = 0.10, or 10 “basis points”. In this example, if HML quoted these prices to you and you proceeded to buy the currency at the ask price, then HML would retain the 10 basis point spread if there is another client who sells the currency to HML at the bid price.


A commission may be charged to you in addition to the spread on transaction, depending on which of our trading platforms you use. The commission charged will be between 0.005% and 0.015% of the executed opening and closing transaction value.
If you use our services via a third party (see Section 6 below). you may also be charged a commission by us, on their behalf, in one of two ways:

• a fixed amount for each transaction (eg. USD 20 per contract); or
• an amount which is added to the existing spread (eg. An extra 2 basis points to the spread).

The precise commission which will be payable by you will depend on a number of factors, including the volume of trading you undertake, the platform you use, and the products and services you acquire from or through us or our Authorised Representatives.

Rollover interest rate

You may earn or pay interest (“rollover interest”) by entering and holding a margined contract overnight. The interest rate you earn or pay depends on the type and size of products that you buy or sell, the interest rate differential between the currency pair you have bought/sold (where applicable) and the duration of the rollover period. Interest rates are calculated on an on-going basis and are subject to change due to many macroeconomics factors including but not limited to the monetary policies of central banks and the liquidity in the international banking system. HML may adjust interest rates at any time based on the market conditions and its own positions in the market without notice to the client.

Conversion cost

If you instruct HML to effect a transaction denominated in a foreign currency, you will need to convert your Australian dollars or other currencies into the required foreign currency through a bank and deposit the money into your HML trading account. The bank will charge you for this service.
Alternatively, HML may convert your funds by first quoting you a spot price pursuant to its usual Terms and Conditions. If you choose to accept HML’s quoted prices, then the transaction will usually take place immediately, upon receipt of your cleared funds. The new currency will be delivered to your HML account. We will be remunerated by the difference between the rate at which we buy and sell to you the currency (also called the “Spread Cost” – see above).

Administrative Charges

HML will charge a fee for the following administrative services when they are requested by you or people authorised to trade on your behalf:

Hard Copy duplicate statement (posted to you) statement USD 50.00 per copy
Transcripts of telephone conversation USD 10 per minute
Copies of telephone conversation USD 10 per minute
Audit certificates USD 100 per copy

The above administrative charges will be deducted from your account shortly after the relevant event happens (e.g. if you request a particular document from us). These fees are subject to change.

You may request more details about the way HML is remunerated within a reasonable time after receiving this document.

Dormant Account Fee

If an account is not used for trading within a 12 month period, HML will charge a dormant account fee of $25 per year.
The Fee will be deducted from your account on the anniversary of the last transaction in the account. If your account balance is zero or if the fee will bring the balance to zero (or negative) then HML will charge such part of the fee as brings the account balance to zero and then close the account.
The Fee covers the administrative cost of maintaining your account.

6. How are our people and third parties remunerated?

HML’s directors and its employees are remunerated by annual salary, commission and may also be awarded an annual bonus. These types of remuneration will depend on several factors including:

• company performance;
• sales volume;
• professionalism and adherence to compliance procedures; and
• team performance.

Our employees may also receive a commission on trades. This commission is calculated with reference to trade volume and other performance indicators.

When you are referred by an Authorised Representative or another third party to us we may pay a commission to the third party or Authorised Representative in any of the following ways:

1. a percentage of the commission paid by you to us (see “commission” above) when you trade contracts with us. The percentage may be up to 100% of the commission paid by you;
2. up to 80% of the Spread Cost (see above) generated from your trading;
3. any additional spread income generated from your transaction. This will be paid if the third party is an “introducing broker” and has requested that its clients be charged a premium to the standard HML spread, due to the added service they are providing to their clients. The amount of this additional spread will be either the difference between the spread at which you deal and the spread that HML offers, or a flat rate as notified to you by the introducing broker and HML (see “Commission” above).

The amount of commission paid to referrers is negotiated on an individual basis and is typically based on a sliding scale, which takes into account:

1. the number of clients referred or introduced to HML; and
2. the number of contracts traded by clients introduced or referred to HML.

You may request more details about the way these people or entities are remunerated within a reasonable time after receiving this document.

7. What should you do if you have a complaint?

In the event you have a complaint, you can contact your HML representative and discuss your complaint.

If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved within 6 weeks, please contact by telephone or in writing:
Head of Compliance, Internal Audit and Risk Management, Hantec Markets (V) Company Limited See the contact details at the top of this FSG.
We will try and resolve your complaint quickly, fairly and within prescribed time frames.

Personal Information
HML is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of the personal information of its clients. The HML Privacy Policy detailing our handling of personal information is available upon request. You may request access to information held about you by contacting the HML Privacy Officer, +852-2214 4183
If you do not provide some or all of the information requested on our application form, we may not be able to accept your application to transfer money or otherwise provide you with our services.
HML may use information received from its clients to send marketing material to its clients from time to time unless you elect not to receive it. HML will not provide your information to any third party other than in accordance with the HML Privacy Policy.
Please retain this FSG for your reference and any future dealings with HML. We may also add documents at a later date which will form part of this FSG, and should be read together with it. They will include the word “FSG” in the heading.

Hantec Markets (V) Company Limited

地址: 1276, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu, Republic of Vanuatu


電話: +852-2214 4183

金融服務牌照號碼: 40318

編製日期: 2020年12月23日

版本: 1.1

1. 何謂金融服務指南?


本指南為閣下提供有關Hantec Markets (V) Company Limited(「HML、本公司」)及本公司所提供服務的資料。本指南旨在於本公司提供金融服務前,使閣下瞭解相關事宜,其中包括: . 本公司的簡介及聯絡方式 . 本公司可為閣下提供的服務及產品 . 本公司(及任何其他有關人士)的收費方式;及 . 如有投訴可聯絡的專責人士





2. 我們將如何為閣下提供金融服務?



3. 當本公司為閣下提供服務時,本公司是代表誰人行事?


4. 本公司能為閣下提供哪些種類的服務及產品?



HML亦可就外匯及衍生工具合約進行「叫價」,容許本公司為閣下提供市場報價,包括買入價及賣出價。 本公司在提供服務時,有可能會出現其他金融事項,例如如何投資金錢或稅務事宜。但是,本公司未獲授權就該等金融事項或上文所述以外的任何其他事宜提供建議。倘該等事宜與閣下有關,則閣下應向合適的專業人士尋求具體建議。

5. 閣下應向HML支付哪些費用及佣金?


a) 此金融服務指引FSG描述了我們所收的所有費用以及收費(第三方費用以 及收費除外)細節。此費用是我們為您提供市場作價和交易服務的收益。

b) 我們為您提供的任何意見的收費不是基於您的交易量或者投資數量。

c) 您明白,同意,授權和指示HML以這種方式收取費用。


類別 說明


差價的例子日圓(JPY)與美元(USD)之間的匯率可能為79.20日圓兌1美元。有意將日圓兌換為美元的人士,需要就每美元支付79.20日圓。有意將美元兌換為日圓的人士,就兌換每美元可能只能收回79.10日圓。兌換率通常寫作USD/JPY 79.10/79.20,或略作79.10/20。每1美元的日圓買入價為79.10,而日圓的賣出價為79.20。在本例子中,該貨幣組合的買賣差價為79.20-79.10 = 0.10,或稱作10個「基點」。在本例子中,若HML向閣下提供有關報價,而閣下按賣出購買有關貨幣,則當有另一名客戶按買入價向HML出售有關貨幣時,HML將取得10個基點的差價。



若閣下通過第三方(見下文第6節)使用本公司的服務,本公司可能將通過兩種方式之其一,代其向閣下收取佣金: . 每宗交易收取固定金額(例如每張合約20美元);或 . 於現有差價之上另加一個金額(例如在差價之上再加2個基點)。閣下將支付的實際佣金將取決於多項因素,包括閣下參與的交易量、閣下所使用的平台,以及閣下從或通過本公司或本公司授權代表獲得的產品及服務。














6. 本公司的職員及第三方如何獲取報酬?

HML的董事及其僱員以年薪及佣金方式獲取報酬,亦可能獲授年度獎金。這幾種報酬將取決於多項因素而定,公司表現;銷售量;專業精神及遵守合規程序;及 . 團隊表現。 本公司的僱員亦可能收取買賣佣金。這類佣金是參考交易量及其他表現指標計算。


1. 當閣下與本公司買賣合約時,以閣下支付予本公司的佣金的某一百分比 (見上文「佣金」一節)。該百分比最高可達閣下所支付佣金的100%;

2. 從閣下買賣所產生的差價成本(見上文)最多80%;

3. 從閣下交易產生的任何額外差價收入。倘該第三方為「引薦經紀商」, 且以向客戶提供附加服務為由,要求向客戶收取較標準HML差價有溢價的 收費,本公司則會支付上述差價。這項額外差價的金額可為閣下交易所依 據的差價與HML所提供差價之間的差異,或引薦經紀商及HML通知閣下的 固定比率(見上文「佣金」一節)。


1. 轉介或引薦予HML的客戶數目;及

2. 轉介或引薦予HML的客戶所買賣合約數目。


7. 閣下如有投訴應如何提出?



Hantec Markets (V) Company Limited



HML致力確保其客戶的個人資料獲得保密及安全得到保障。HML的隱私權政策詳細訂明,本公司會因應要求而處理個人資料。閣下可致電 +852-2214 4183 聯絡HML職員,要求索取本公司所持有的有關閣下的資料。


HML可使用取自其客戶的資料,以便不時向其客戶發送市場推廣資料,惟閣下選擇拒絕接收該等資料則除外。HML將不會向任何第三方提供閣下的資料,惟根據HML隱私權政策所提供則除外。 請保留本指南作為閣下日後與HML進行任何交易時的參考。本公司亦可能於稍後時間增發相關文件,而該等文件將構成本指南的一部分,並應與本指南一併閱讀。該等文件的標題將載有「指南」的字詞。

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